Silvanols releases new children’s lollipops to improve immune system

The Latvian green pharmaceuticals company Silvanols has developed a new product for improving the immune systems of children: raspberry and bilberry-flavoured GoImmune lollipops. As the cold-catching season is drawing closer

, they will be particularly beneficial for pre-school and early school-age children.

In autumn, children return to schools and kindergartens; also in autumn, the virus season starts, and the GoImmune lollipop will become a useful tool for parents wishing to improve their children’s defences against diseases; the lollipop format is particularly handy and popular among children. GoImmune lollipops are a delicious and natural solution for supporting the immune system, and are suitable for children of 2 years and older.

GoImmune lollipops are a unique immunity-strengthening product that contains elderberry extract, beta-glycan, vitamin C and zinc. Elderberries are a traditional ingredient for supporting the immune system and keeping it functioning properly, and for making sure that the respiratory system is healthy. Vitamin C and zinc improve the normal functioning of the immune system and protect cells against oxidative stress, while vitamin C helps fight fatigue and lack of strength. GoImmune lollipops do not contain artificial colorants, flavourings and preservatives.

They are available in two flavours: bilberry and raspberry.

The product is sold in all drug store chains in Latvia.

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