About Silvanols

Silvanols Ltd. is Latvian pharmaceutical company with expert knowledge in developing and producing food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and OTC medicine using natural ingredients for 28 years with the purpose of bringing the healing powers of nature to people all over the world.

Silvanols as a manufacturer is capable of offering a comprehensive range of products for all generations and various market segments. The company’s product portfolio consists of nearly 50 products. All of them are original products, researched and developed at Silvanols.

We combine the best healing properties with an innovative approach in order to reach a perfect result and to meet people’s needs. It is our privilege to use purely natural ingredients while retaining their valuable qualities.

Every country in the world has its own traditions of domestic remedies collected from the local flora. Technological progress, discoveries and synthesis of new drugs often mean that natural remedies are lost to history. In this aspect, Latvia is a special country, as it has always had strong rural traditions in terms of both agriculture and forestry. Latvians still continue to maintain a close relationship with nature, whereas their peers in more industrialised countries have lost this connection. While other Europeans are rediscovering herbal teas, many Latvians still keep their ancestral traditions and collect their own linden blossoms, mint leaves, cranberries and other herbs, which help them through long winters and boost their immunity.

Silvanols offers a range of excellent natural solutions to various possible health problems. Thanks to their superior healing properties, these products have generated substantial demand not only in the Latvian pharmaceutical market but also in 30 foreign markets in Europe and Asia. The high quality of Silvanols is attested by ISO 22000, ISO 13485 and GMP certificates.


“Silvanols” helps improve and maintain human well-being and quality of life, continuously developing innovative and effective products made of natural raw materials.

Our vision To become the leading manufacturer in the Baltics that produces natural and scientifically developed products for people who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Like more and more people all over the world, we are guided by our conviction that nature heals!


PEOPLE as individuals with unique experiences and knowledge, who contribute to the company’s goals through teamwork.

ACCOUNTABILITY while completing daily tasks and making decisions with an understanding of their influence on the outcome.

COMMITMENT to the development of efficient, quality solutions.

VITALITY through positive energy exchange that advances initiative to improve.

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