Unique GoImmune LONGGO sprays for adults and children developed

In December 2017, new original sublingual sprays for the GoImmune and GoImmune KIDS immunity-improving food supplements were released in Latvia and Estonia under the LONGGO brand.

These products contain herbal extracts, amino acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins to support the immune system during the acute virus season. The innovative way of administering the spray under the tongue is of key importance, because it enables faster absorption of the active substances, and their more rapid effect in the body. GoImmune is intended for adults and children over 12, while GoImmune KIDS is designed specifically with smaller children in mind, and is suitable for children aged 2 and over.

GoImmune KIDS uses a blackcurrant juice base, containing lactoferrin, elderberry extract, lysine hydrochloride, zinc and vitamin C. Lactoferrin is an important protein that is most commonly found in women’s colostrum after childbirth.

GoImmune is based on raspberry juice, containing lactoferrin, elderberry extract, elderflower extract, horse radish root extract, lysine hydrochloride, zinc, vitamins D, B12 and C.

SIA LONGGO is a subsidiary of the Latvian pharmaceutical company AS Olainfarm. SIA LONGGO provides its clients with modern naturally sourced projects for maintaining a healthy pace of life. The company’s mission is to improve human wellness and quality of life with innovative and effective solutions.

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