Silvanols develops respiratory health product range

The Latvian green pharmaceuticals company Silvanols has developed a new balm for the respiratory tract: GoRespiro Kids. Following the recommendations of physicians and pharmacists, the company has expanded the GoRespiro product line, and created a balm with a well-designed formula that is as safe as possible for allergic and adipose children.

In view of positive feedback by physicians and pharmacists about GoRespiro capsules, Silvanols has developed a children’s product with a similar formula and effect, the GoRespiro Kids balm. This expansion in the product range is expected to increase the company’s revenue by 150 thousand euros within 3 years. The product was developed using the top professional skills and abilities of the Silvanols R&D department experts, without additional investments in external resources.

The renowned and popular GoRespiro food supplement is sold in capsules, and is a formula of natural substances to improve respiratory health; it was previously known as Astmosil, and in 2014, it was awarded the Exports and Innovation Prize in the ‘Best Innovative Product’ category. The efficacy of GoRespiro has been held in high regard among physicians and pharmacists, and the beneficial effect of GoRespiro capsules on the respiratory tract has been demonstrated scientifically: Silvanols cooperated with Latvia’s medical institutions and universities to observe the effectiveness of Astmosil/GoRespiro. The biggest of these studies has just been completed, a product clinical study project carried out by researchers at the University of Latvia and Riga Stradiņš University. This demonstrates the company’s responsible attitude towards the general public: it was the first study of this kind to have been carried out in Latvia, and it has so far been the first Latvian-made food supplement to have been tested like this. The cost of the study amounted to some 20 thousand euros.

Having consulted the specialists, Silvanols has paid particular attention to the fact that the incidence of allergies among children and adults is growing, and during the development of the new product’s formula, it was made sure that the probability of allergies being triggered due to the use of this supplement is minimised. An example of this approach is with the natural Latvian bilberry juice: not only it provides the product with an excellent flavour, it also has been recognised by allergy specialist as the most suitable type of juice for this purpose, because it causes virtually no allergy reactions. Silvanols’ researchers have also selected an optimal sweetener for the balm: fructose, which is a natural type of sugar with a pleasant flavour; it is fully extracted from fruits, and has a glycaemic index of only 12 (compared to 96 in glucose). This means that the GoRespiro balm is also suitable for adipose children, because it does not cause a rapid increase in the blood sugar level, and it is a suitable option for children with diabetes.

GoRespiro products are food supplements with herbal extracts specifically developed for respiratory health. The GoRespiro capsules are intended for adults and children over 12, while the GoRespiro Kids balm is suitable for children of 3 years and older. Both the GoRespiro Kids balm and the GoRespiro capsules are available in all the drug store chains in Latvia.

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