Rinogel Spray

Rinogel Spray

dye free
dye free
free of preservatives
free of preservatives

Application of the product

Nasal spray that quickly relieves breathing through the nose in case of rhinitis, overpowers bacteria and viruses and helps regenerate the mucous membrane.


Nasal spray is used to relieve nasal congestion and runny nose, as well as to prevent rhinitis and respiratory tract infections and to stimulate activity of the body’s immune system.


20 ml

Dosage and administration

Shake before use, take off the protective cap, point the nozzle away from your face and press the spray mechanism 2-3 times, until the aerosol comes out.
Adults: Apply the spray 1-2 times in each nostril, no more often than once an hour.
Children from the age of 3: Apply the spray once in each nostril, no more than once in three hours.


Do not use in case of hypersensitivity (allergy) to any component of the product. For external use only! Keep out of sight and reach of children!


1 g of aerosol contains: 
Sea buckthorn oil (Ol. Hippophaes) 1,5 mg
Calendula tincture (Tct. Calendulae) 10 mg
Echinacea tincture (Tct. Echinaceae) 10 mg
Eucalyptus oil (Ol. Eucalypti) 2 mg
Fir oil (Ol. Abietis) 1,5 mg
Peppermint oil (Ol. Menthae piperitae) 2 mg


Ingredients: Sea buckthorn oil (Ol. Hippophaes), calendula tincture (Tct. Calendulae), echinacea tincture (Tct. Echinaceae), eucalyptus oil (Ol. Eucalypti), fir oil (Ol. Abietis, peppermint oil (Ol. Menthae piperitae), carboxymethyl cellulose, gelatine, glycerol, ethyl alcohol, sodium chloride, and purified water.

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