Developing a new product category, the green pharmaceutical company “SILVANOLS” launches the production of vitamin D. It is planned to reach at least 5% of the total turnover on the Silvanols internet platform this year.

The past year has shown us that nothing is set in stone and we must be able to adapt to changes in the world and realise new opportunities.
We have not only created our online shopping platform in Latvia to be easily and quickly accessible to our customers, but from 2021,
we will also provide this offer throughout the Baltics.

We are continuing to work on the development of e-commerce and are working on a new category of Well-Being products, which will provide an even greater product variety for internet users.

According to the e-commerce study conducted by Gemius (This year, the study was conducted from 13 January to 3 February, surveying 3,115 respondents aged 18 to 74), 72% of Latvians surveyed shop online at least once a month or more. In 2021, not only has the number of respondents who shop online increased significantly, but also the share of respondents who believe that spending on the internet will increase this year.

People are faced by a changing environment and increasingly new lifestyle needs and challenges.  Silvanols wants to address people who care about their health, primarily through prevention and in the long run. We can show our leadership because we are an innovative company that offers a comprehensive and wide range of natural products.
Starting from today, the Well-Being category offers our clients the following vitamin D supplements:
“Vitamin D3 4000 IU Silvanols” for adults and “Vitamin D3 1000 IU Silvanols” for children.

Both products have a high concentration of vitamin D3 and a pleasant, mild, sweet orange flavour. Special attention has been paid to the quality of the product and the reduction of oxidation – a special sunflower oil (winterised) has been chosen as the product base, which ensures the long-term quality of vitamin D.

Silvanols is a manufacturer that has been paying significant attention to the research of raw materials and products from the very beginning. Our benefits include new knowledge of the efficacy and safety of our natural substance products. The public accepts evidence-based knowledge. It allows us to convince people in Latvia and abroad of the benefits of our products during the period of illness and for the purpose of improving health. The new knowledge enables us to talk about our products at a significantly higher level. We believe that the person’s choice is not solely determined by price; primarily, the value of the product is really proven quality and efficacy.

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