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  • The opportunity to create a safe start-up for the product with balanced risks and reduced investments – for small companies to start a business or for large companies to test products
  • A scientific and innovative approach to safe and effective product development
  • Full-cycle service – from 60 days to 9 months, depending on specifics
  • Flexibility – the ability to adapt to customer needs
  • Geographic location which provides extensive and convenient logistic capabilities

Product and process quality and safety

  • An integrated quality management system, including ISO 13485, ISO 22000 and GMP
  • Qualified and competent experts with experience in the field who constantly improve their knowledge
  • Non-interventional trials to evaluate safety and efficiency of products according to the principles of Good Clinical Practice
  • Active and sustained cooperation with Latvian leading universities and research organizations in Europe

We employ a scientific and innovative approach to the development of safe and effective products as well as accuracy in manufacturing processes

An expert in the development and manufacture of natural products

  • A consistently growing manufacturing company with nearly 25 years of experience – an expert in natural food supplements, medical devices, cosmetics and OTC medicine
  • Specially customised product forms for efficiency, ease of use, etc.
  • A leader on the Latvian market that is able to find natural solutions to various health problems – a versatile portfolio of natural products for solving various health problems and promoting well-being
  • A scientific and innovative R&D approach based on information and knowledge regularly acquired at international exhibitions and conferences

A reliable and accurate partner

  • A prestigious reputation – a TOP20 company in Latvia in 2017
  • Punctuality and a responsible attitude –production and delivery are carried out in accordance with agreed parameters
  • Products are available in 30 countries
  • Part of the Olainfarm Group, a leading manufacturer in the chemical and pharmaceutical sector of the Baltic States
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