Silvanols puts special emphasis on a research-based and developed agent to strengthen the body’s defence abilities during this viral season – GoImmune STRONG

Events around the globe are increasingly making us think about strengthening the body’s abilities to protect itself against various viruses. At the end of last year, following a review of scientific publications on medicinal herbs and other natural substances that have properties aiding the defensive abilities of the body, Silvanols developed and is already producing a unique product – GoImmune STRONG capsules, available in pharmacies.

The product contains extract of pink trumpet tree bark (Tabebuia avellandae), popularly known as “ant wood”, olive leaf extract (Olea europea), Brazilian green propolis, zinc bisglycinate, and organic selenium.

Tabebuya, olive, zinc and selenium help protect cells from oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is caused by viruses and other harmful substances – oxidants, entering the body, which have an adverse effect on immunity; thus, it is important to help the body to cope with this oxidative stress. Tabebuya helps protect the body from external adverse factors, while zinc and organic selenium promote normal immune function, thus making GoImmune STRONG – a good solution during the viral season.

The efficiency of Silvanols products is not only enhanced by high product development standards – literature review, high-quality raw materials, production, and standardisation of plant extracts.

Olive leaves are commonly used in cases of cold, flu, viral infections[1] The antioxidant effects of olive leaves are comparable to those of vitamins C and E[2] and they also have antibacterial properties[3].

Brazilian green propolis is a novel ingredient. Brazilian green propolis has been shown to have an antibacterial effect in studies[4] This property may contribute to reducing the activity of infectious agents causing infections of the upper respiratory tract.

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