Silvanols launches the first combined product in Latvia with the innovative ingredient Lactium® – against everyday stress

Silvanols launches its 25th anniversary with a new product line: GoRelax Day and GoRelax Night – for a more peaceful and harmonious life and sleep.

Both products contain a new, innovative raw material, Lactium®; specially patented cow’s milk protein split under similar to natural conditions, developed and researched by scientists at the University of Lorraine, in Nancy, France. Studies have shown that this special milk protein improves sleep and is a natural anti-anxiety agent that helps reduce signs of stress.
In today’s fast paced life, health complaints due to stress are increasingly common. The problem of negative stress (distress) and burnout syndrome is becoming more and more topical in the world. The pace of life of active people is increasing, and the demands of the environment also seem to be constantly increasing, thus creating even more stressful situations. There is a growing worldwide consumption of prescription drugs with sedative effects, but we want to remind you that natural remedies can help in mild cases.

The GoRelax product line is designed to help active people – cope with the effects of their daily pace of life, i.e., the excessive levels of stress that can lead to health problems such as insomnia, headache, stomach ache, fatigue, irritability, depressed mood, snacking, difficulty concentrating, worse memory, etc.
Let everything be in balance – to work productively, take care of the family, have good quality, active rest and good sleep.

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