For healthy feet


For healthy feet
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Application of the product

Fungispray is a spray for feet disinfection with antimycotic, antibacterial and antiseptic activity. Active substances of the product help eliminate the specific feet odor, bring comfort and freshness.

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The spray is used for prevention of fungal infection and skin inflammation of the foot as well as foot skin tears. Eliminates unpleasant odor. Can be used as preventive treatment or after successfully eliminated fungal infection as well as to get rid of unpleasant feet and footwear odor.


20 ml

Dosage and administration

Shake before use, remove the protective cap. Hold the bottle upright, place the nozzle about 20 cm from the bottom surface of the foot and apply the contents by sharply pressing the sprinkler cap. In a similar way the spray is applied between the toes. Repeat the actions with the other foot (the whole procedure takes 0.55 ml of the product). Apply twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. To prevent unpleasant odour of footwear, spray liquid into shoes in the same way.


For external use only! Inflammable! Do not spray on open flame!



Composition (1 ml of spray) 
Pine oil (Oleum Pini) 10 mg
Peppermint oil (Oleum Menthae piperitae) 20 mg
Tea tree oil (Oleum Malaleuce) 5 mg
Dage extract (Extractum Salviae) 50 mg
Boric acid (Acidum boricum) 30 mg


Ingredients: pine oil (Oleum Pini), peppermint oil (Oleum Menthae piperitae), tea tree oil (Oleum Malaleucae), sage extract (Extractum Salviae), boric acid (Acidum boricum).

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