Baltic Green Pharmaceutical Company SILVANOLS opens an online store in Estonia

The last year has given us a new conviction – we must be able to adapt to changes in the world and realize new opportunities.
Taking the next step in the development of e-commerce – we have expanded our internet platform by opening an e-shop in Estonia –

Now we are quickly and easily available to our customers not only in Latvia but also in the Baltics.
People are facing the needs and challenges created by their new lifestyle.
A study conducted this year in all Baltic countries found that during Covid-19 restrictions, 34 percent of Estonian internet users surveyed reported an increase in their online shopping expenses. Meanwhile, just over half – 55 percent – said their spending on online stores had not changed, but only 11 percent said it was reduced. online store was created with the goal to reach people who take care of their health primarily through prevention and focus on long-term outcomes.
We can show our leadership in this area as an innovative Baltic company that offers a comprehensive and wide range of products created by nature and perfected by science, which are now all available together on one platform.

Only on the online store, Estonian customers will have the opportunity to purchase unique, carefully prepared product sets at a better price, grouped by categories, such as children’s health and immunity, so that the end consumer would have a convenient and fast solution available to their health situation.

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